About Dr. Aldren

Hayle Aldren, MD, MD(H), is a Men’s Health specialist in the greater Phoenix area, with over 30 years experience in a wide range of men’s health and wellness treatments for patients of all ages. As a licensed practitioner of both modern medicine and alternative medicine, Dr. Aldren provides an integrative combination of proven scientific and natural holistic therapies to effectively improve overall well-being and sexual vitality. Dr. Aldren is one of only a few physicians licensed in both branches of medicine in Arizona.

After graduation in 1976 from the Boston University School of Medicine, home of the renowned Center for Sexual Medicine, Dr. Aldren did residency and post-graduate training in the United States and Europe, including the University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Hospital and Cornell University-Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Dedicated to furthering his knowledge of men’s health, Dr. Aldren’s residency included training at the James J Colt Foundation, gaining advanced knowledge of urinary and sexual function and how to best rehabilitate and improve them. In rehabilitation oncology studies, Dr. Aldren worked with cancer patients and cancer survivors to restore and enhance sexual function. Dr. Aldren also apprenticed under renowned physician Dr. Elias Leikind, where he helped research and develop further treatments for prostate and pelvic pain problems.

While in practice in sports and regenerative medicine, and in rehabilitation oncology, Dr. Aldren researched the use of cutting-edge platelet-rich plasma (PRP), muscle stimulation, and sound wave therapy to treat and prevent erectile dysfunction (E.D.), hair loss, arthritis pain, urinary leakage, and peripheral neuropathy. Dr. Aldren has extensive medical knowledge about hormone testing and hormone replacement and has worked with bio-identical hormones and low testosterone since 1979.

Passionate about helping men live with full confidence in their health and sex life, Dr. Aldren is certified in safe, non-invasive Shock Wave-Sound Wave Therapy and is a certified Priapus Shot (P shot) provider, to help men reduce dependence on routine pills and injections.

At Hayle Aldren, MD, MD(H), in Phoenix and Scottsdale, patients can find the tailored health treatment that best suits their personal needs. Treatments are private and confidential. Evening and weekend hours are available.